Logistical support services vows loyalty to “superb” Ekeri trailers

Logistical Support Services, which provides highly secure logistics solutions for the defence and governmental sectors, says its new side-opening Ekeri trailers “tick all the right boxes – every single box”.

Phil Stone, Managing Director at Logistical Support Services, says that in December 2009 the company bought two single side-loading box trailers that were fully ADR compliant, designed for the carriage of ADR Class 1 cargos.

Stone was so impressed with this first batch of trailers that six months ago the company purchased another two. This time Logistical Support Services opted for EX111 double side opening trailers that were not available in 2009.

“All our work is for the defence industry – so for any high-value, sensitive and ADR products these trailers are superb,” says Stone.

“They are a lovely cross between an easy-to-open curtainsider and a secure box trailer.”

Stone has been impressed by both the design and high-quality workmanship involved in producing an Ekeri trailer.

“When we ordered the first two they flew us out to Kokkola, Finland to visit the factory to see our trailers in the build process – personally I thought it was more like a Formula 1 factory than a trailer factory. It was very high-spec and totally professional as well.”

“I can’t express how impressed I’ve been with them. They are excellent products, built to the highest standards.”

Reliability and security are of the utmost importance to Logistical Support Services because of the nature of its logistics operations. Stone says that the trailers have remote central locking, alarms and GPS tracking devices.

“From the security point of view, they are superb.”

Logistical Support Services would buy more Ekeri trailers in the future if they were needed.

“Hopefully yes, we will buy some more,” says Stone. “Let’s put it this way, I would not look to another manufacturer – I believe that other manufacturers have tried offering a similar product but the quality did not match up to Ekeri’s standards.”

Ekeri case - Logistical Support Services

Logistical Support Services was founded in 1997 with the sole intention of serving the military and defence industry markets, and from its humble beginnings it has grown into one of the market leaders in the supply and organisation of the specialist logistics field in the totally secure movement of sensitive defence assets throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

Operating out of the sole use site located on the outskirts of Bristol the company has a fleet of specialist vehicles built to the highest specifications required in order to transport these commodities on a daily basis and in the most secure manner, with Ekeri complementing these requirements.

Ekeri is the leading producer of high quality box trailers and box bodies with side doors. Ekeri has grown steadily and its products are today used all over Europe. The company exports over 70% of its production

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