Ekeri trailers cut loading costs for M J Griffiths

M J Griffiths Transport Ltd, the Lancashire based temperature controlled logistics operator, has taken delivery of two more temperature controlled sideopening trailers from Ekeri which, says the company, compared to a conventional fridge trailer, cut unloading times in half.

Designed and manufactured by Ekeri, the 13.6m semi-trailers use Thermo King SLX 200 fridge units and carry farm produce to wholesale markets throughout the UK. Loading is possible through the rear doors, and both sides of the trailer have multiple-opening doors which can be opened from each end to allow quick access to each consignment.

Ekeri case - Griffiths

Managing Director, Mick Griffiths explains: “We carry mixed loads and make multiple drops. This means that the driver needs to be able to select the right load according to each drop. With the side and rear door arrangement of these trailers he can get to any part of the load without needing to disturb the rest of the cargo. Also, the trailer can be loaded in any order and we don’t need to operate a ‘last-in-first-off’ loading system. This high degree of versatility all adds up to faster turn round, easier handling and greatly reduced cost!”

MJ Griffiths Transport was established by Mick Griffiths in 1991 and has grown into a leading logistics operator in the cold chain. The company was the first to use Ekeri trailers in the UK and now has 7 in its multi-purpose fleet, serving a cross section of supermarkets, food producers, restaurants and retailers in the fresh, frozen and pre prepared food sectors.

“These trailers provide us and our customers in turn with a host of benefits,” adds Mick.

“From a load security standpoint, we can safely and securely strap virtually any load. Furthermore, the high-strength insulated doors and walls guard against tampering and there is a clever central locking mechanism which can be activated via a mobile phone. There is very little wear and tear to speak of and if anything does get damaged, replacement parts are easy to order and quick to arrive. No question, the equipment stands the test of time and has proved to be a first class return on investment.”

For onsite storage and consolidation of fresh foods, flora, fruit and vegetables, Griffiths operates a 4,300 sq.m. chilled facility.

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