Side opening

Side opening allows for:

  • easier and faster loading and unloading
  • more versatile usage of the cargo space
  • full and partial loads
  • frozen and dry loads
  • loading of extra-long goods and free access for pallet loading
  • unloading of small deliveries from the entire length of the cargo space
  • loading and unloading of goods in any order you want
  • reduced waiting times
  • more opportunities for return loads


The fully openable sides significantly increase the options available to users in terms of both cargo content and amount of cargo, as well as loading and unloading. This equals maximal usage of the cargo space.


With Ekeri’s wide range of extra equipment, you will be sure to find what you need.


The doors can be moved quickly and easily; the door stoppers ensure that the doors can be held securely in place.

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