Today goods vehicle owners require safe and secure equipment. Ekeri’s EkeGuard system can monitor, secure and check.


EkeGuard L:

EkeGuard L is a central locking system. With EkeGuard L, all doors on the body of the truck or trailer can be locked by remote control.


EkeGuard ITSL:

EkeGuard ITSL is a central locking system with more functions than the L version. ITSL controls the locking system. When the vehicle is parked the alarm can also be routed to a mobile phone.

Alarm system

EkeGuard provides comprehensive monitoring of all the unit’s functions, and if a break-in or theft attempt is detected, it sends a text message to the selected service numbers.

Axle pressure

EkeGuard reports the axle loads while on the road and the total weight of the trailer unit, as well as helping the driver to load the trailer correctly.


EkeGuard monitors the overall temperature as well as measuring the individual temperatures in different parts of the unit and issues an alarm if the temperature spikes or exceeds the limit values.

Route information from the internet

EkeGuard reports the GPS coordinate location of the unit to a mobile phone or computer over the internet. The system significantly increases the security of the unit in terms of thefts and vandalism. Track your unit »

Level control of pneumatic suspension

EkeGuard controls pneumatic suspension. The level control feature is activated and controlled by a remote controller (only for trailers).

Interior lighting control

The EkeGuard system controls the interior lighting of the unit. Interior lamps can be controlled by a remote controller or programmed with a timer.

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