Quality and environment


Ekeri Quality is an integral part of our business and can be seen in elements such as:

  • safe products
  • high-quality finishing
  • equipment levels to suit the customer’s needs
  • uncompromised overall service
  • strict compliance with contracts
  • flexible maintenance services

Our production system ensures that products are safe and that delivery times are met. Ekeri’s quality principles are carried out by our suppliers and subcontractors. Our management system guarantees that the delivered products fulfil the customer’s quality requirements in full compliance with the contract. Ekeri has been certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental standard.

ISO-9001 - EkeriISO-14001 - Ekeri


We actively work to minimise our environmental impact. We take environmental perspectives into account at all stages, from the selection of subcontractors to product development, design and production. This is visible to the customer in transportation equipment that is tailored to meet their exact needs and features optimal payload carrying capacities but which does not place an unnecessary burden on the environment.

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