Maximisation of space

Ekeri’s EkeLoad double deck system, combined with the side-opening functionality, maximises efficient usage of the cargo space.

The EkeLoad double deck enables flexible loading on two layers, which creates increased efficiency and costs savings, as well as reducing harmful environmental impacts. EkeLoad is particularly popular in the transportation of foodstuffs, where stacking pallets on top of one another is not always possible.

The EkeLoad system consists of rails located on the walls and side doors, connected to bearing beams. The rails are recessed into the wall structure and do not take up extra room in the cargo space, and does not damage the load during transportation. The beams are attached either to the rails or to separately available poles attached to the side door side. 

  • EkeLoad can be installed to suit 1.2 metre EUR pallets.
  • The poles can be adjusted at 100 mm intervals.
  • Load securing straps and rings suitable for the rails are available.
  • More information about extra equipment »

Tilan käytön maksimointi


The EkeLoad beams allow for two-layer loading, also from the side.


The intermediate bulkhead allows for the cargo space to be divided into two different sections. The two-temperature refrigeration system in the cargo space allows for simultaneous transportation of both chilled and frozen products, for example.


The multiple box alternatives to choose from offers a range of different optimised box arrangement on chassis.

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