FNA/FRC is a versatile transportation unit well-suited to the transportation of foodstuffs, parcelled goods and industrial loads. This minimises the distances driven empty, and makes taking return loads easier. The right extra equipment can also maximise safety, make usage of the cargo space more efficient, and reduce fuel consumption.

Our ATP type approval covers most bodies and equipment. All of our ATP type approved FNA and FRC bodies are available with a fully opening side, equipped for multi-temperature purposes with different kinds of intermediate bulkheads. The bodies fulfil all the strict quality requirements for transportation of foodstuffs, and have a very competitive unladen weight. The insulation in the bodies is environmentally friendly and totally freon free.

ATP is an international agreement concerning the transportation of easily perishable foodstuffs. There are two categories of ATP approved bodies: FNA and FRC. 

F = refrigeration unit
N = normal insulation
R = heavy insulation
A = temperatures from +12°C to 0°C
C = +12°C to -20°C

ATP type approval is available for the following product families:

  • Semi-trailers
  • City semi-trailers
  • Truck bodies
  • Centre-axle trailers
  • Drawbar-trailers
  • Ekeri - FRC
  • Ekeri - FNA
  • Ekeri - FNA


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