• Semi-trailers

    For international transportation that adheres to European standards, suitable for both long-distance transport and distribution.

    Ekeri - Puoliperävaunu
  • Step-frame semi-trailers

    Maximum loading volume for long-distance transport and distribution.

    Ekeri - Jumbo-puoliperävaunu
  • City semi-trailers

    A flexible solution for urban distribution.

    Ekeri - City-puoliperävaunu
  • Truck bodies

    For urban distribution and long-distance transport.

    Ekeri - kuorma-auton umpikorit
  • Centre-axle trailers

    For long-distance transport and flexible distribution, either as an 18.75 metre combination or a 25.25 metre module combination.

    Ekeri - Keskiakseliperävaunut
  • Drawbar-Trailers

    For long-distance transport; 4 and 5 axle configurations for use in Sweden and Finland, as well as shorter options for Norway and the EU.

    Ekeri - Perävaunut

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