Scandinavian trailer market leader Ekeri is an example for other regions



Since the first half of the last century, the manufacturer of special semitrailers - the Finnish Ekeri has proven its leadership in Scandinavia and is a great example for other regions. Ekeri's advantage was confirmed in Elmia Lastbil,  the 35th largest Nordic region transport show, which took place in Jönköping, Sweden on the last weekend of August in 2018.

Everyone who was in Scandinavia noticed larger than normal trucks often driving  on the narrow mountain roads between the small towns to the outermost North and back to the seaports. For a simple observer from a guest country, first of all, the height of the semi-trailer (which can reach 4.5 meters in Scandinavia) falls on the eye, but also the length of the units - a truck with body which is connected to  a trailer or a semitrailer.

In addition, the Scandinavian standards allow the mounting of larger wheels, the installation of additional axles and more lights. Such massive combinations on winding roads are the symbols of everyday Scandinavian routine. This is an exotic cargo transport in our neighborhood,  close to the Baltic Sea.

However, the experienced viewer or transport professional immediately realizes, that the big majority - almost two-thirds of the Scandinavian trailers are manufactured by Ekeri.

Suitable for continental Europe and beyond ...

The exclusiveness of the Ekeri trailers – fully opened side doors - is based on the specific needs of carriers -  to load the goods easily and avoid empty trips on long distance routes. Harsh business conditions have created such a need for brave and rational carriers.


Mikael Eklund - Owner of Ekeri and key account sales

In response to the needs of carriers, Ekeri has created and developed XL certifications, FNA and FRC approved semitrailers, truck bodies , trailers with central and other axles, ADR freight transportation constructions and vehicles for intermodal transport. Ekeri products are suitable not only for long-distance journeys but also for cities and are recognized as reliable and safe for most carriers.

"We are leaders in the Scandinavian region, producing semitrailers with fully opened side doors. They can be used for transportation of various loads: dry freigth EXIII class semitrailers with fully opened side doors for the transport of dangerous goods, as well as  refrigerated semitrailers with fully opened side doors, which can transport both frozen food and various industrial materials, from the  furniture to metal bars and rolls ", - highlighting the benefits  Mikael Eklund, owner of Ekeri and key account sales.

He is pleased with the growing sales in other European regions. Poland,  Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany. According to Mikael Eklund, sales development is Ekeri's future strategy.

"Our slogan -" Easy Loading "- reflects the latest technical solutions and at the same time means, that the Ekeri trailers considerably simplify the road carrier's life. Perhaps the product is even too progressive, but as trailer manufacturer, we believe we are on the right track, "says Mikael Eklund, owner of Ekeri and key account sales.


Wide open Ekeri world

In Elmia Lastbil exhibition this year  a lot of people were interested in Ekeri, Kogel, Tyllis and Fokor's collective stand. On a huge site more than 30 thousand visitors of the exhibition were looking at universal trailers - their special security due to the solid side opening doors. Ekeri trailers are especially appreciated by the road carriers who have used curtainside semitrailers so far.

Scandinavian and European freight transport professionals confirm, that Ekeri's semitrailers are extremely versatile, with an easy loading ability and a unique load securing system. These qualities should be important for all carriers who care about cargo safety and trying to avoid "empty" kilometres on long distance routes.





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