Polish company invests in new Ekeri product

Ekeri Lietuva has delivered a new Ekeri FRC semitrailer to the company Usługi Transportowe Jan Boksz   in Poland. The trailer is delivered with ATP class FRC for frozen goods, but also can be used for transportation of  different kind of goods loaded from the side. The trailer is equipped with axle lift on the first axle, wheel base 8110 mm, spare wheel box, storage box, drain system in the floor with pipes and valves for water collection  and Ekeri famous Ledline 33 rear lights. Inside the semitrailer there is full protection of the fixed wall on the right side, Ekeri air circulation element on the front wall and Ekeri lashing rails in floor for stepless lashing of the cargo. The trailer will be driving   between Poland and Scandinavia.

We wish Jan and Lukasz Easy Loading !





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