Number 2 !

It was a day in January 1988.

We were a part of a group of a few trucks loading at Norske Skog in Braskereidfoss in Norway. Bjørn Evensen had a brand spanking new unit from Ekeri – it was so nice that I noticed myself getting envious. After talking to Bjørn, I decided to get one for myself. I remember Bjørn sitting in his car and writing on a note pad what kind of unit I wanted. I think I was his second customer ever in the business that he built up gradually.

A few years have passed since. We have shifted a few tonnes, and driven a few thousand miles. Apart from some adjustments to one of the doors now and then, nothing has gone wrong with my Ekeri unit – that is really something! I do take care of my unit, and as such I haven’t needed many spare parts from Ekeri – I have hardly ever visited a repair shop during all those years. A lot of people think that my unit is very nice – some may even say too nice, with doors on both sides and such.

I believe that I was the first of Ekeri’s customers to get a trailer with doors on both sides, and the first one who ordered a four-axle semi-trailer in Norway. Over the years, I have seen plenty of waybills marked “trailer should open on both sides” – the easy access also means less damage and therefore more satisfied customers. Ekeri’s load securing system has been worth its weight in gold! Luckily, others have started using similar systems too.

Ekeri Norway 30years

Some people do not understand that the rolling friction resistance means sideways friction on the tyres as well, which is why my unit rolls more easily than a three-axled unit with double tyres even though I, according to some people, have one axle too many. My unit is also very steady! I have lifted enough milk buckets, cattle feed and fertiliser since I started working as a 17-year-old boy. Ekeri’s doors are one of the reasons why I am still driving even though I will soon turn 70.

I have always felt welcome at Ekeri, not just because of Bjørn but because of everyone who works there. I think this might be my last road train: my Ekeri unit that works like it is supposed to, and my 750 hp Volvo truck that easily tackles the hills between Braskereidfoss and Stavanger. I think this unit may outlive me. So far, we have made over 3,000 trips, and I suppose people are beginning to recognise me on that stretch of road!


Ekeri Norway 30years

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