J Richardson Transport keeps costs down with hard working Ekeri trailer

Stranraer-based haulier J Richardson has singled out an ‘old-timer’ Ekeri trailer for special praise, given its age and faultless service in the family-run firm for over 13 years. “And it was already 6 years old when we bought it!” Says Director, Alan Richardson. “It’s a typical Ekeri trailer with the multiple side-opening doors but with a front-mounted fridge. Despite many years hard work, save for a couple of hinges, it has cost us nothing in terms of maintenance or repairs – it just keeps going and looks as good as the day it arrived.” According to Alan, the Ekeri trailer comes into its own on multi drops, carrying mixed loads such as cheese and sundry items, for various supermarkets in Scotland and England. “We first got the trailer to help with return loads of 600kg bags and have used it regularly for multi-drops because the side opening doors allow us easy access to any part of the trailer for quick loading and delivery. It has the flexibility of a curtainsider but with the strength and security of a refrigerated box van and, considering it’s pushing 20 years of age, it really has proved to be a remarkable asset.”


Designed and built by Ekeri in Finland, ATP type approved FNA and FRC (+12 degrees to -20 degrees) bodies are available as standard with fully opening doors on both sides and are equipped for multi-temperature purposes with various specifications of moveable, insulated bulkheads. The bodies fulfil all the strict quality requirements for the transportation of foodstuffs and have a relatively low unladen weight, while the insulation material is environmentally friendly and Freon-free. Established in 1967, J Richardson Transport is a previous winner of the coveted Transport News Scottish ‘Fleet of the Year’ and operates a sizeable vehicle fleet comprising 100% Volvos and a mixture of ambient and temp-controlled trailers. Alan Richardson concludes, “We are thinking of adding another Ekeri to the fleet at some point and definitely recommend these trailers for any haulier who is looking to improve load flexibility and save on running costs.” ends.


 Further Information: Ab Ekeri Oy is a leading producer of high-quality box trailers and box bodies with doors along the trailer length, either one or both sides of the trailer. Ekeri has grown steadily and its products are today used all over Europe. The company exports 80% of its production. Annual turnover exceeds €50 million and the company employs approximately 200 people. Ekeri specialises in side opening trailer and body designs and manufactures, semi-trailers, stepframe semi-trailers, city semi-trailers, center-axle trailers and truck bodies. The bodies are insulated for refrigerated and ambient use to ATP class FRC and FNA standards.



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