Furniture components specialist returns to Ekeri for fast and flexible loading

Furniture components specialist returns to Ekeri for fast and flexible loading

Arbor Trading, the specialist supplier of component parts and slatted bed frames to the furniture industry have taken delivery of a new side-opening Ekeri body which, say the company, was required because their previous 18 tonner ‘gave up the ghost’ while the old Ekeri body was still in almost perfect condition.

“After 8 years of relentless and tough work,” comments Sales Director David Kerley, “the Ekeri body was as good as the day we bought it – quite literally, it had outlasted the truck. However, we needed to replace it and so the Ekeri body will be sold on - no doubt it will last another 8 years!”

From their Essex warehouse, Arbor Trading deliver loose items, pallets and miscellaneous items throughout the UK and on a single delivery route may make 5 or more drops. Using the internal strapping system and multi-opening side doors, they are able to load and secure any item through the side and then quickly access it during delivery.

“We load loose bed frames across the vehicle width, along with 2m pallets and small packages.” Adds David. “All of it is easy to load, using the flexible strapping system and the whole process takes literally minutes to complete - which is important when several deliveries need to be made in the same day.”


The new Ekeri body comes on a MAN TGS 18 tonne chassis and apart from the addition of remote central locking and twin under-mounted storage boxes, is the same specification as its predecessor.

According to David Kerley, Arbor Trading has looked at other body options, including boxes and curtainsiders, but none of them combines high security with flexible loading to the degree of Ekeri.

“In this respect, our previous Ekeri body did the work of more than one vehicle.” concludes David. “From Exeter to Edinburgh it hardly took a breath over 8 years and in that time required no mechanical attention whatsoever. We have every expectation that the new equipment from Ekeri will perform just the same and continue to make every delivery that little bit easier.”

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