A new vehicle combination brightens the day

Towing the whole combination is a new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2658, which holds many innovations. The driver can enjoy the comfort of easy touch screen navigation on the digital dashboard, wireless charging of the cellphone, and a high-quality sound system. The driving properties are top end with equipment like rearview mirror cameras, high visibility driving lights, and a sophisticated GPS navigation system. Behind the Actros cabin, we find two Ekeri FNA bodies equipped with Carrier cooling engines. The advantage of Ekeri’s fully side opening doors is that they allow different sizes of goods to be loaded into the cargo space. The truck body and the drawbar trailer are also equipped with additional high-end working lights to ensure a safe and illuminated working area around the vehicles during the darker winter season in Iceland. The cargo space inside the bodies is equipped with movable intermediate walls to generate different temperature zones. All in all, it’s a flexible combination where neither dry goods nor chilled goods are a challenge.  

FNA/FRC is a versatile transportation unit well-suited to transport foodstuffs, parceled goods, and industrial loads. This minimizes the distances driven empty and makes taking return loads easier. Having the right equipment also maximizes safety, utilizes the cargo space more efficiently, and reduces fuel consumption.

We congratulate Kristinn Guðmundsson and KASK Flutningar. We wish much driving joy with the new MB Actros and easy loadings with the Ekeri fully side opening truck body and trailer. 




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