10 Ekeri refrigerated trailers for transport of fresh produce to Scandinavia J.P. Vis & Son

The trailers have now been partially delivered and put into operation. The vehicles are refrigerated semi-trailers with a complete side opening left side. The FNA ATP classification guarantees that the cargo will keep the right temperature. The side opening ATP product is something that the Finnish producer Ekeri specializes in, the first vehicle with side opening doors was built already in 1978. The internal height and side through loading height are almost the same. The low roof profile makes it possible to load and unload high volume goods directly from the side.

With an inside height of 2700mm these vehicles will swallow most of the cargo of any type thrown at it. A flexible product solution, the semi-trailers can be opened completely on the left side. The Ekeri chassis is predesigned and reinforced for the side door solution right from the word go and makes for a functional ready product. The semi-trailers are approved for LHV (Longer heavier vehicle), this means that the vehicles can be part of the standard 16,5m combination or longer combinations of 25,25m and 34,5m (Finnish HCT). A towing coupling at rear makes these vehicles especially flexible when talking about modular vehicle combinations.

As for the inside cargo climate control the semi-trailers are equipped with Thermo King SLXi Spectrum 50 multi temperature climate engines completed with an S2 evaporator at the rear. The refrigerated semi-trailers are also equipped with Ekeri's own load securing system with stepless lashing rails in the floor and in the roof. To save weight, Alcoa Dura Bright wheels have been mounted. These semi-trailers are used for transport of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants to Scandinavia. Flexible vehicle solutions help lower the CO2 footprint and these vehicles will all soon be out on the road contributing to the common goal. The vehicles were delivered to customer by Ekeri`s representative in the Netherlands, Carrosserie Elenbaas who took care of the final customization, graphics and delivery essentials.






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