Billing details

Send electronic purchase invoices (EDI) to address

E-invoice address



Operators ID

Liasion Technologies


EDI-code (OVT)



Send paper invoices to mail address


Only purchase invoices

Ab Ekeri Oy

Sarjanro 16804676

PL 7000

00019 SSC

Sarjanro have to be included in the address


Send E-mail / PDF-invoices to address

E-mail purchase invoices


E-mail invoices have to have the same address as paper invoices


The invoice shall be in PDF och JPG format

In one file there shall be only one invoice and if the invoice has attachments shall the invoice come first and the attachments thereafter in the same pdf-file


Send only purchase invoices to our invoicing address. The rest of your mail should be sent to the

factory visiting address as earlier

Ab Ekeri Oy

Kållbyvägen 1276

68800 Kållby


Other information 

Company ID: 0181889-1

Company VAT number: FI01818891

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