Here at Ekeri we have a dream; we want side opening to become synonymous with Ekeri, and for Ekeri to be the best choice for those looking to purchase bodies, trailers or semi-trailers that can be opened from the side.

Bror Eklund founded our company in 1945. By the 50s we were building our first trailers, and by the 60s our first semi-trailers. Since the end of the 70s we have been manufacturing side-opening units, and we are now the European market leader for such products.

In keeping with our slogan – Easy Loading – loading Ekeri trailers is easy thanks to the openable sides. But this isn’t all – Easy Loading also means so much more: easier access to the load, user-friendly safety and load securing solutions and straightforward interaction between the customer and Ekeri’s staff.

Simply put, Ekeri is all about user-friendly, side-opening transportation solutions, optimised to suit the customer’s needs and designed to maximise the productivity of customer operations.

We invite you to come and put Ekeri’s products, our side-opening functionality and our Easy Loading philosophy to the test.



Matti Laurila
Managing director



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