Events 2019

Want to meet up and have a discussion with Ekeri professionals? Book the following dates into your calendar, Ekeri will be present at the following shows during 2019:

21-23.3.2019, Transport 2019, MCH Messecenter, Herning, Denmark; https://www.transportmessen.dk/


25-27.4.2019, Maamess 2019, Tartu Näitused messukeskuksessa, Estonia; https://maamess.ee/fi/


9-11.5.2019, Kuljetus-Logistiikka, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland; https://kuljetuslogistiikka.messukeskus.com/?lang=en


9-10.8.2019, Power Truck Show, Powerpark, Härmä, Finland; https://www.powertruckshow.fi/fi


30-31.8.2019, Trailer Trucking Festival, Mantorp park, Sweden; http://www.truckingfestival.se/


26-28.9.2019, Transport & Logistikk 2019, Norges Varemesse, Lillestrøm, Norway; http://www.transportoglogistikk2019.no/


Listed for: POMORKSA MISS SCANIA, Poland




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